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Smoking Gun jerky is going to get a lot of my business

For lunch I enjoyed a piece of great beef jerky I ordered online. I always have a hankering for jerky and I could still taste that piece when I noticed a sign on 48th next to raising canes. I missed the entrance and looped around the block to check out Smoking Gun jerky.

The store is filled with products made here in Nebraska like if you dare salsa, candles, popcorn snacks, hot sauces, seasonings, Blue Valley brand meats, and jerky. lots of jerky. Spoke with the owner, Dave, and he said he was not fond of jerky he could buy and was not satisfied with jerky made from butchers that processed animals he hunted so he made his own. Went to the university food science course and made a marinade that he sells and makes his own jerky from. I think he had 16 kinds of jerky for sale that all use the same marinade, but he adds extra stuff to make the flavors. I picked up a couple 1/4 pound packages and it is delicious. His jerky is not salty by design, and it lets the flavor shine through.

The store is located at 443 North 48th street. You can also purchase packages at Scheels and I believe he said Hy Vee.

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