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Yet another adventure we are partaking in. It started off simple. I wanted a range hood. Years back when we remodeled the living room back in 2011 I ran a wire to where the hood would go. We ordered a sweet range hood and had a HVAC guy come over to give us a quote on venting it out the roof. He told us that the hood we bought was over 400 GFM and he would have to install an air handling unit as well to bring it up to code. That would of been thousands of extra dollars. We sent the awesome range back 🙁

Talked to some handy folks and more issues arose. Our house is 107 years old and the electric range is almost centrally located in the house instead of being near an outside wall. It seems that was where the wood burning stove was way back in the day because there is a chimney for one there. To vent the range outside would of been quite a lot of duct work which would reduce the efficiency. We were pretty bummed for a bit and then Theresa had an awesome idea. If we switched the location of the fridge and oven I could vent right out the wall. Heck while we are at, might as well run a gas line and get a gas range 🙂

Last weekend I started in on the electrical work to move an outlet and add an outlet for the range hood. The outlet that was there had a switch next to it. We never knew what that switch controlled, but after about 14 when we decided to paint the outside of the house I saw a broken outdoor light fixture. I figured that was what the switch controlled and for some reason disconnected a jumble of wires which really messed stuff up. Took my electrician friend to figure it out and get the lights back on in the kitchen. If all goes well Theresa should begin tiling the wall by this weekend.

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