not my machines BTW


The title pretty much sums it up. She broke the right flipper and the cryoclaw needs to be adjusted on DM. The Walter plastic is shattered on JD, that’ll be fun to try and find. FK is in good condition. All in all though, it could have been A LOT worse, but the neck is cracked on the guitar.


Wow, a lot of replies all wanting to know what I did. I won’t get into specifics, let’s just say I was in the wrong- and fusion301, my car is just fine :-). We are working it out and she feels worse about the pins than I do. Don’t get me wrong, I love my machines (or should I say “our” machines now) but at the time of the incident I was concerned more for her. Besides, I can always replace parts and glass, I can’t replace my wife.

That glass is really hard to smash.

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