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Sipp’s Sharpening shop

sipp's sharpening shop lincoln ne sipps

After a ride Sunday I took the 8th street tunnel under Pioneers and happened to notice Sipp’s sharpening shop. I have wanted some of my kinves sharpened and stood there staring at the sign for a minute. Sipp cam out and gazed at my bike. “what size are those wheels” I told him they were 29 inchers and he thought it was cool. Got the info about his sharpening service and told him I would be back.

Took a shower and dropped off my 3 fav knives for him to do his magic on. I also brought along a crappy sharpener and my steel. Had him confirm the yellow plastic handled sharpener was crap and he said my steel was not bad. He said he uses a ceramic one which he thinks is better. Had him show me the proper way to use the steel and said I would be back in a few days.

WOW he did an excelent job. My cheap ass Chicago Cuttlery one was sharper than the day I got it. He did a great job on all of them and billed me $5.50 for them all. He says word of mouth is how he does biz so I asked permission to spread the word. His house is on the 2200 south 8th street block. (about 2 blocks south of South Street)

I asked his hours and he said “I go to bed around 11” Nice. he will get my biz from now on.

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