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single serve pommes anna


Read about the mini pommes anna over on buns in my oven. They looked really good. While watching Worst cooks in America this weekend, Chef Ann’s team made pomme Anna and it looked pretty good. We decided to make them for dinner Monday night.

Pretty simple to make. Thin sliced potatoes, butter, salt, and pepper. Of course we decided to make 3 versions and tweak the recipe a little. I used the stitchgiver mandoline set on 2 thickness to slice the spuds. Melted some salted butter and coated each slice in the bowl.


1st. was traditional with just salt and pepper.
2nd. had some grated garlic, fresh grated parmesan cheese, parsley, and a touch of salt and pepper.
3rd. Theresa mixed some other herbs in it.

Placed each kind into a slot of a muffin tin
20 minutes covered with foil at 325
20 minutes uncovered at 325, with a boost to 350 towards the end because we were not getting the browning we wanted.


They were good, but there was too much butter used. It was really like we fried them in butter. The slices were too thin as well. The garlic was very powerful and the cheese was not all that noticeable. The portions were great, it was easy, and with some tweaking I think we have a new side to add to our rotation.

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