Simpsons Springfield in NE?


LJS article hat tip bro 😉

Springfield to compete for premiere of Simpsons movie
By The Associated Press
Monday, Mar 26, 2007 – 03:34:19 pm CDT
SPRINGFIELD— This eastern Nebraska community will compete against like-named cities for the big-screen debut of “The Simpsons Movie,” city clerk Kathleen Fauver said Monday.

The city council recently approved the plan and is now waiting to hear from 20th Century Fox for the next step, Fauver said.

The studio has asked 16 Springfields across the country to vie for the premiere screening. Fox will pick the winner after reviewing short film entries showcasing the community’s links to the TV show.
The film is based on Fox’s long running animated series “The Simpsons,” which takes place in the fictional town of Springfield. The creator has said he named the town Springfield because it is common in the United States.

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