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shout out to wayne dalton garage door openers

So we have been without a garage door opener for around 3 months. Theresa swears it has been 6 months, I disagree. Thing is she is the one who drives, she needed it working. We needed to save up for vacation, and we got a cheapo wayne dalton from manards about two weeks ago.

I installed it a weekend around the beginning of october. I had some issues and it totally crapped out on me. I grinded down the gears. On every page of the instruction manual it says “do not return to store, call us”, so I did. They explained that many folks have had problems and they will replace the parts at no charge.

Well the parts showed up and they gave me instructions to get it right. I took the afternoon off to get it working and take the puppies to the vet. I still had to call wayne dalton to get a few things set, but it works awesome now.

Not many manufacturesrs will let you bork their product and send you replacement parts free of charge. I was severely impressed. I highly recommend wayne dalton garage products for their amazing customer service.

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