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She lives, Bride of Pinbot is fixed and happy


Amos came over last night and performed some surgery on my main driver board.
Thanks again.

Noticed that the board had some crappy work done to it before. Instead of replacing the header pins and connector they soldered the wires right to the back of the header pins. That means I cannot get the board out of the machine. At some point I will probably correctly fix it, but for now it works and I will hone my soldering skills before attempting a repair.


check below for some pics of the work I am doing on Bride of Pinbot


This machine was in use in smoky bars for at least 8 years before I bought it. And it has been in my house for many years as well. It had water damage and beat to heck before I got it. She is hurting. Above is one of the head pieces and you can see the smoke damage on the back side. It cleaned right off with some novus plastic polish. In the pic you can also see the smoke damage on the gray and white paint below the flippers. Above the flippers there is protective mylar covering the playfield and you can see the not damaged paint color. Unfortunately there is little I can do to repair the damage that is done. Just polish and protect what I have.


This piece is actually damaged and slightly melted. That is the area with the mini Pinbot raised playfield goes. That playfield is clear plastic, but it was so covered in dirt and dust that you could not see through it and the pop bumpers lights were burnt out. The playfield under there does have mylar protecting it, but it was so dirty that it was a greasy dirt slime and you could not see any of the artwork. I cleaned and polished it as well as I could and it still hardly shines. I put LED lights in the pop bumpers and it looks amazing now. The rubbers there were cracked or completely missing. They have brand new happ rubbers now and those pop bumpers are really active. You hear that a lot on forums about this game.

I am going through and replacing all of the under plastic incandescent bulbs with LEDs. They shine so bright and looks so beautiful. I have flipper rebuild kits for both machines which should make the flippers really strong. New feet for the legs, replaced the shooters and tips, new mirror finish balls, and new rubber kits for both machines. Placing another order in a day or so to get all the bulbs I need and some new flipper leaf switches. They are going to shine.

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