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Serfas sike multi lense sunglasses

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a friend of mine told me a simple rule concerning buying sunglasses.
“under $5 or over $50”
well I have been following the first part of that rule unknowingly for about 20 years now 😉

So I spend way too fricking much time riding my bike through wilderness park (my lifepartner wishes she was a bike ;)), and my usual time is in the early evening. Right when the sun is at that angle that makes you go blind. it gets worse when you have really cheap sunnies that blind you for a moment when the sun gets through the trees. I had had enough, I heard polarized was the way to go. Got a cheap ass pair of those, a little beter. oh and the whole polarized reflection thing is so awesome. Better, but still not good enough. i would bring a cheap pair of yellow safety glasses for when the sun went down. I like my eyes, and trees are pokey 😉

Picked up the sike’s from the monkey wrench and decided to test them out. Even though they are not polarized, they kick the crap out of both my old ones, and the yellow safety glasses. It does seem to have some sort of special coating on the lenses, for they have a slightly oily looking surface. Maybe it is the coating or the fact that they were not wallgreens brand, but they kick butt. Sure when you get hit by that 7:45 PM sun angle it does distort the vision a bit, but nothing like my older ones.

So it comes with 4 different sets of lenses, from dark, light, brown, to yellow. This is a major bonus for me. I need only carry the extra lenses in my over stuffed filled with every part needed to fix a bike/gatorade/beer holdin camelbak to switch them out. Switching the lenses is pretty easy, although it is hard to tell which lense it the left or right. It does seem that they might not be locked in though. I bet they will still do a good job of protecting my eyes, but they are no safety glasses. The main body that houses the lenses is bendable rubberish plastic which is easy to bend to get the lenses out.

for $50.00 MSRP, I am completely satisfied.

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