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seems I have mononucleosis. I also got a sweet robot penis.


So these both sorta go together. Let me explain. About 45 days ago, lets say the beginning of June, I started getting a slightly sore throat on the right side. I really only noticed it when swallowing. I was still chewing back then, and frankly all I could think was CANCER from chewing. My neighbor had started vaping to get off cigs and I was interested in maybe using vaping to get off chewing tobacco. Well I used the vaping to get off chewing tobacco, but that throat irritant was still there. It got a bit worse recently so I visited the doc.

Seems I got mono somehow. Had to go back in for more blood draws today so they can check liver function or something. No real treatment besides rest. So I have doc approval to take naps 🙂 I got props for quitting chewing and the multiple people I told I had switched to vaping at the docs office to get off tobacco was met with praise. They have many patients who have used vaping to get off tobacco and support it.

So to the robot penis. Oh man that thing is sweet. It is a Kamry K101 mechanical mod. That means I am using some sweet batteries that are meant for severe discharge without failing. There is no circuit boards or anything in there. You push the bottom button and it sends current to the atomizer. I do have a little fuse I attach to my batteries just in case there is a battery failure the mech mod has vent holes.

I am loving this thing. It just looks cool and I have been messing with making my own low ohm coils and this thing can handle it no problem. I even got a cool rebuildable coil atomizer, but that is another post. The thing is a beast and is telescopic, so it can handle all sorts of batteries. It weights 6 ounces in the pic above. It has been giving my belt a workout, but I love using it.

So I have barely any chew cravings anymore. I hardly vape in the mornings. We are both down to 12mg nic and it is more of a hobby now. We will keep working down to lower nic and eventually get off vaping or sorta vape like a writer in his den with pipe tobacco. But for now I am severely enjoying geeking the F out on the different hardware with our vapes. There is not a hobby that I do not go balls deep when I get into it 🙂

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