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scotch brite scrub cloth for dishes


I cannot seem to get a website that sells these. They are $3.50 a pop. But worth every penny.
We do not have a dishwasher, and really do not need one. We wash as we go so it is never too bad and I do not like how dishes and especially glasses come out of dishwashers.

Theresa likes using a dish cloth and I love sponges with a scrubby side. Sponges begin to stink in a day or two. I nuke them, wash them, dry them, but they still end up stinking. Theresa hates the sponges and picked up two of these. She asked me to try one and I really liked it. She was really happy and went out and got some more.

It has a microfiber side that is soft as heck. The scrubby side (right) is just slightly scrubby, but enough. The cloth in general is really nice to use. Soft on the cloth side and like a medium rubber / plastic on the scrubby side. It is not stretchy and rings out like a chamois. Machine washable and will get most stuff done. I still need a green scratchy for really stuck on stuff on metal cookware, but at least this will not stink since we can change it out every couple days.

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