Samsung TWMB-1900 wall mount for a T220HD works well

samsung TWMB-1900 wall mount

So after the kitchen remodel we saved up and got a LCD TV to go on top of our upper cabinets. A Samsung T220HD was what we went with. Reviews were good and the only complaint was that it does not have VESA mounting holes for a wall mount. We figured we would not need to wall mount, but when we got it installed there was one major issue, the viewing angle. I am not that familiar with LCD screens and with the screen being up so high it was really bad when looking up when close. I used a few shims to tilt it down and headed to the internets to find a way to mount it on an arm.

I was looking for generic wall mounts, even the ones with the straps, but the choices were lame. I eventually started putting the TV model in with my searches and saw a review on Amazon for the TV which mentioned the Samsung TWMB-1900 wall mount bracket. The reviewer mentioned how they do not make it very obvious that this bracket is available to make the TV compatible with 100 x 100 VESA standard mounts.

This bracket works for a few of Samsung TVs. It is made well with a very strong hinge that can be tilted. It is made with the standard VESA holes, but they are not threaded. It is meant to be attached to a wall and anchors and screws are included. I picked up a wall mount adjustable arm from monoprice for $20 and a few nuts and bolts to attach it all together. Now with a good downward tilt the TV is looking good from any part of the kitchen.

samsung twmb-1900 wall mount bracket for t220hd

samsung twmb-1900 wall mount bracket for t220hd

samsung twmb-1900 wall mount bracket for t220hd

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