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Sam’s Club has even been offering in-store classes on how to pour from the new jugs.

WOW. If you need a class on how to pour milk from a fricking jug you must be a Sam’s shopper.

Apparently these new milk jugs are extremely difficult.

Wal-Mart and Costco are rolling out new milk jugs. The difference is that the new jugs are square and made of recyclable plastics. This makes them stack-able and compact in trucks and on shelves. These jugs are less expensive because of easier shipping and the elimination of milk crates.

The downside of the new jugs is that it is taking consumers some time to get used to them. People are having difficulty not spilling milk during the pour since there is no spout.

I do not drink milk. As a child I thought milk was cow pee. I did love strawberry quick though. Just never been much of a milk drinker. I do use milk to make sauces though. We get the little jugs, never a whole gallon. And just like chicken I figure it is spoiled when I buy it.

So anyway we visited Sams Monday and they get a unique type of shopper. I have never wanted short shorts banned until Monday. Oh man. And I am surprised they do not completely do away with regular carts and just get hoverounds with huge baskets cuz a lot of folk were driving them. We usually leave with 5-6 items. And for wedding parties and the like I understand buying lots of crap. But when you see a family of folk with two carts full of junk food it makes me cringe a bit. Oh well, heading back out there tonight for a huge slab of meat and will report my findings.

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