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ROKU 2 XS is awesome


Back before we picked up the Google TV, I wanted a ROKU. We did the research and went with GTV, but I still wanted to try a ROKU. Down in the BorKade I was using mostly DVDs, but really wanted a way to watch netflix down there. I ordered up some extra cables to hook up the wii down there, but the netflix DVD no longer works and I am not going to do a software upgrade to the wii. I was sad 🙁

Sat morning I decided to pick up a ROKU, and for $20 more I got the XS. Setup was pretty easy. The default channels are great. I signed up for a free trial of HULU plus, which I could not view on GTV because of licensing issues. I found some private / secret channels online that make the ROKU really shine for the available content it can show. Nowhere TV is great. Was listening to wait wait don’t tell me with ease.

The thing is so tiny. HDMI, ethernet, and AV combo out are the only plugs on the back. There is a USB and SD micro for playing files on the sides. It is simple to use and I had no streaming issues over wireless to the basement. The apps do not follow a standard on screen keyboard format, which was a bit frustrating. Searching is a bit of a pain without a keyboard like the GTV has. I did pick up a droid app that lets you use your phones virtual keyboard, which works well.

Comparing the GTV to the ROKU is pretty easy. The GTV is more robust feature wise. The integrating with your cable box, physical keyboard, and chrome browser makes it a more fine tuned product. The biggest drawback of the GTV is that so much content is blocked. All the major networks and HULU are not available on the GTV, which is a deal breaker. The ROKU is only a streaming device, but a really good one at that. The netflix app on GTV is much better than on the ROKU.

It is nice to have both devices to use. The ROKU does all I need downstairs. The GTV is getting a major upgrade within a week that should add more functionality. Both with a $99 price point makes it cheap to add either to your entertainment options. I will keep messing around with the stuff I can only use with the ROKU to see if it is worth it or not.


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