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Rocket Fizz first stop

Rocket Fizz
1501 Pine Lake Rd #24
Lincoln, NE 68512
402 328-FIZZ (3499)

What a cool store. I was expecting it to be more like a mini market with aisles I could run down giggling, but it is much cooler. Lots of memorabilia on the walls, the shelving is old and wooden carts, bottles fill every available space and candy is on top of the carts and spread all over the store. The rainbows of color shock the eyes and excite you.

I was overwhelmed by all the sodas I have never seen or heard about. I just started grabbing bottles that looked interesting. I wanted to use a system so I can try them all at least once, but I guess I will just need to keep a list and created a category for Rocket Fizz so I can keep a tally.

$1.89 per soda. If you buy in bulk you can get a discount. I got a deal for having more than a 12 pack.

Our haul:


My Rocket Fizz flickr




The forum is having lots of fun with this.

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