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Ritz Crackerfuls


Since I am getting all old and stuff I have resorted to trying to relive my youth through junk food. I have enjoyed some handi snacks lately. Oh man they are so good. It comes down to the few micro grams of cheese you get with the 4 crackers. I normally just put a little bit of the magical cheese on the first 3 crackers and then spread most of the cheezy goop on the last cracker. About two weeks ago I got a pack that was filled with the leavings of many cracker friends. it was all buttery dust and salt. I figured I could recreate the same experience by sprinkling salt on the crackers and cheese to recreate that magical pack, but instead I just had a moment of self reflection and cried in the corner of the pantry.

After I regained some dignity I set out to find more than a few micrograms of that cheese type product. I have not seen a jar of it anywhere, but then remembered the spray cheese in a can. I rushed to the store and grabbed a can of the spray cheese and some club crackers. My good bud Travis was working the express lane and he rung me through. My attempts at non checkout personal communications fell flat. Travis, one of these days I will break through your wall of professional conduct. When I got home I set to make my own handy snack, but it was not even close. I had fond memories of that spray cheese, but it completely failed to please, it is not the magic cheese.

Theresa grabbed these Ritz Crackerfuls and I was eager to eat gourmet junk food. They classed it up good with individual packaging with the cardboard tray. The crackers had a fancy design and a hit of extra flavor sort of like a sociable cracker. The cheese was the same flavor of the magic handi snack cheese, but it was thicker and fluffy like it was filled with air. I pulled the sammich apart like an oreo and scraped the cheese product onto 1/2 of one cracker so I could get a big serving of cheese fluff and minimal cracker. It was good.

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