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Richard the woodpecker


We have been enjoying the birds that come to our feeders. It is neat seeing the different kinds of birds. I noticed there was a woodpecker in our neighborhood earlier this year before we had the feeders. Our first trip to the wild habitat bird store we picked up a chunk of suet claiming to be for woodpeckers. We did not have much luck with the suet, but after word spread across the birdosphere and the woodpeckers found our feeders.

The woodpeckers are interesting to watch. They will eat a few beakfulls and then look around. When they are on the side away from you it looks like they are playing peekaboo 🙂 Woodpeckers mate for life and the pair would come together and feed. Then we saw only one at a time. About a month later we saw little Richard. We are just assuming it is a him. And for a while we would see his dad training him how to eat from the finch feeder. That was really cool. Now Richard stops by over the lunch hour on his own and uses our front yard feeder that is not used much. It seems he is getting used to us and we can get pretty close now.

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