Restaurant Bans Children Younger Than 6


SILVERTON, Ore. — Management for a popular Silverton restaurant announced Thursday that young children would no longer be allowed into the establishment.

The manager at the Red Thai restaurant on Oak Street said children younger than 6 aren’t welcome in the eatery.

The Red Thai manager, Craig Gereau, said children disrupt people who are trying to enjoy a quiet dinner.

He said most of his customers like the new rule, but he’s had to turn some people away.

“We’ve had to turn a few young parents away. They’re a little bit appalled, a little bit annoyed, but we have to do what we have to do. We can’t stay in business to please everybody,” Gereau said.

Gereau said he’s not discriminating against anyone, he just wants to run a restaurant that caters to adults, and there are plenty of family restaurants in Silverton for children.

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