Rep’s making a big deal out of nothing

When Colbert takes your side you have no point.

what the reps have a Boehner over

The actual truth:

Actually there was no votes scheduled for the day. The source mentioned that congressmen Boner (yes that is not the correct spelling. And how French does he pronounce it 😉 ) would enjoy it since he was going to the game.

He is equatable to a boner 😉

There will be many more 4 day weeks through this session. Recess days are very common.

Still the democrat controlled congress is all about getting things done, something the reps are not used to.

Oh and guess what? They will only do 4 days next week as well. Something about MLK day.

Boner is a republican. The dems gave the minority leader a favor. This looks like a case of bipartisanship to me. Plus they are still working more than the rep controlled congress.

“Mr. Boehner made this request, and in the interest of comity, Democrats granted it,”

Drudge does get the scoop sometimes. But he is wrong often and needs to edit his posts often to not look like an ass. Just like me 😉

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