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Rennen Rollenlager kicking on the commuter SS


I like the simplicity of rolling singlespeed on the commuter. I had been using a Surly singlerator on my main normal use bike for over a year. I had issues with it not being set right and any time I removed the rear wheel it would get loose and not hold the chain tight like I would want it too. Nate at MWC recommended I look into a Rennen Rollenlager to avoid those issues. And I did.

The Rollen was a bit bigger than I expected. There are no springs so it locks the drive line in tight This was an issue since I am rolling this on a full suspension bike. I was under the assumption that the rear suspension loosened the chain, unfortunately it is the opposite. When the rear flexes it tightens the chain. I adjusted the Rollenlager to accommodate my usual sitting flex with some slack. I have full rear flex with it still hanging good for usual travel.

Also it seems much quieter and more responsive than before. To release the rear wheel you have to remove the skewer, but other than that removing the wheel does not affect the setting. That is exactly what I was looking for. So far after a dog running I am completely happy with it.

I had to remove a link in the chain, go down to a 15 tooth rear gear (now 34 X 15), and use their 1/2 link to get the chain lined up good. I am digging the tougher gear for sure. Now maybe I can keep up with fuggles.

Old setup

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