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Red Bull Energy Shot or geeee I wonder why I hoarked


Saw the Red Bull Energy Shot sitting on the counter next to the 4 – 36 hour energy shots and knew I had to suck one down for you folk. Should of been a BorK ate it actually. Wendy at U-STOP looked at me like I was crazy and I mentioned I simply have to blog about it. Why does she always roll her eyes when we converse?

Met a guy I have communicated with online with for years and am actually related by marriage today for lunch at OSO with spkthed. I pulled this out of my pocket so we could all mock it.

Now to be fair I was a bit sickly and hoarked up lunch before I slammed this stuff. It looks like a urine sample, smells like robotussin, but is actually easier to take than a red bull. It actually seems less flavorful to me. Might be the lack of carbonation. Not sweeter or thicker and went down super easy. Energy wise I do not know, I do not consume energy drinks often and really did not notice cuz I went on a bike ride and was amped up anyways.

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