raising cane’s chicken fingers

their site

Drove by it on the way to a movie, saw it was open. The cars went on for ever around the drive thru.
Figured I had to try them. Deep fried, duh….

Kind of different, not what I expected. The breading is really light, fried to a light golden brown, delicate flavor, no real spicy anything. Kinda blan, but different than the usual peggler over breaded ones the other 90% of places use. Came with a tiny coleslaw, a piece of texas toast, crinkle fries, and a sauce. Guessing it was a chipolte dippin sauce, tried it, I am not a sauce guy, not even catsoup. Oh and their special lemonade.

Nothing really impressed me, sorry. Will try it again though. The place looked cool on the inside. Walls covered with posters and pics. neat thing was about 1/2 were nebraska/lincoln centric. Had a pic of tommy lee in his husker band suit, some old pics of downtown streets, and a thing showing our past capitols. oh and a disco ball.

Kind of place where you order a #1, 2, 3, 4 and that is about it. They take your order and call out your name. Better than a chicken fry from that big BK fucking chicken.

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