Q.P. Hardware store

Have you ever wanted to fix something, but were not sure how to do it? Ever been looking for some part you can’t find anywhere else? Your questions and searches are over. I still go there when I cant find that one thing to see “him”. By him I mean a spirit, a magical man that sits in a powerful chair made of old wood that is held together with braces, screws, nails, and epoxies. And “He” is there to answer your questions.
The employees are very knowable and the store is packed with stuff for being rather small. Take menards and loose all the stupid crap and jam it in a downtown bar and that is the size, and yet it has more things. It truly is a small town hardware store in a medium city. The TV is always on you will find what you need.

Located in UNI place at one block north of 48th and Holdredge

QP Hardware lincoln ne

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