Pupsicles have taken on a new form at our house

It turned from a few treats, to everything leftover gets grinded into a liquid mass and frozen.
From lefteover fruit, to meat, broth, and even potatoes, it all gets whipped up into doggie treats. Bitches do not get our scraps, dish lickings, or anything of the sort. It keeps the bitches from begging while we eat.

T loves her doggies. We usually give them a long lasting treat when we leave the house, be it a peanut butter filled kong or a doggie frozen cube. She got some ice cube trays and has made the most of it.

Still though the mashed potatoes ones look gross as hell. Cool thing is when I drop an ice cube while filling my water bottles for a ride, they gobble them up like they are uber treats. Schtupid dogs 😉

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