Puppy turns out to be suspect in ransacking


The puppy is refusing to speak to the press at this time 😉

LJS article

When a 19-year-old woman arrived home to her apartment at 2300 bock of C Street early Monday, she was sure a burglar had broken in.

Her new puppy was on the deck, but the door had been closed when she left. Inside, the place had been ransacked, Christmas presents were everywhere, Police Chief Tom Casady said Wednesday.

She reported a break-in to police.

When the officer began to investigate at the scene, she found the suspect’s prints all over the counter (they turned out to be of the canine variety) and bite marks on the presents.

The suspect turned out to be Macy, the 9-month-old Labrador puppy she’d adopted from the Humane Society the day before.

He’d found a way to let himself out the back door.

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