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puppy proofin and sitters fuel.


I built puppygate 200 last year.

I keeps Maggie corraled, but Fuggles fingered it out in about 2 minutes 🙁

But puppygate 4000 should work well I figure. It is a piece of Plexiglass attached to my big front window with some silicon. I figure if the dogs break the glass at least the plexi will keep them from getting cut. If you look close you can see it is not as tall as the whole window and see the silicon.


SO I have a crew of folks watching the pad and puppies. Being the sneaky guy I am I am bribing them with booze, wii, pinball, porn, and food.
We encourage folks to come over and use this as a party house. The more peeps that hang the better for the puppies. I figure 4 cases of old style should hold them over for a few days 😉


I will still be around Monday. And it looks like one of ya has a time stamped post to go along with mine. I will be posting from Mexico as well, and have some posts lined up.

Thanks to the puppy watchers, and you fellow BorK posters. You give me a reason to smile.

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