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PSMO chain meat cheese steak kicked behind


So with the PSMO there is a hunk on the side that is really fatty, but the awesome meat is there. I got prob 10 ounces or good meat out of the first PSMO. I took the little bits for the sammich tonight and saved the meaty hunk for the next sammich.


some of it as a bit thick so I smashed it down with a mallet and some cling wrap.


A bit of clarified butter and olive oil mixture. I have tried many cheese steaks before and I try to keep them no too greasy. But when I eat a cheese streak the grease is what makes it good. So I hardly skimped.


Wrapped the slightly charred hunks in foil and moved to the mushrooms.


I hollowed out the ghetto Russ’s sammich bun, squirted a bit of butter on it and broiled it to a golden brown.


chopped up the meat and tossed it in with the shrooms at the end to warm it back up. Assembled the sammich with some provolone and broiled it to melt the cheese.


The meat was amazingly tender and even though it had some fat in it you would never notice. I made it kinda small and did not finish since I had plans for my second attempt at scampi. I am looking forward to lunch tomorrow for sure.

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