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Practecol remote control outlet


Went on a shopping adventure to target over the weekend. I saw this Practecol remote control outlet and picked it up. It plugs into a normal grounded outlet pair and turns it into a 4 outlet. Two of the outlets can be controlled by a remote. I figured it would be a cool way to turn on stuff down in the BorKade. It was.

So now all my lights and the arcade machines can be turned on with one switch. Before that I would go around and flip some power strips. I went out Sunday morning to get another one and put my pinball machines and entertainment devices on the remote. That blew the circuit breaker and made me sad. Later in the day I set up just my pinball machines on the remote outlet and it worked. Both outlets work with the same remote. One push of a button and the whole place comes to life. It is pretty cool.

Practecol is working the energy saving angle on their products. To eliminate phantom power draw on appliances you are not using having an easy switch to turn them off makes sense. Many of their products have outlets that say on when the switch or remote is pressed. So you do not have to reset the clock and the like. My only complaint is that the remotes are all the same, so it could cause issues if you want multiple units. Works good for me though.

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  • Rafael falcon · 12/30/2017 at 10:57 PM

    I love this product but recently The part that sayremote both outlets are not working have to moved a 50 gallon tank because I didn’t have enought outlets. Please can this be sent?

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