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poor walmart bike all lonely in the street

Man I am really struggling with the posts today. Been a pretty rough one here. I am still at work and it be about 8 PM, got a few more hours to go. So at work we are still recovering from the issue about a month back. When I came over here there were about 10 folks in the team I am a part of. We are the ones who build and maintain the servers for the state agencies in the state IT dept. Well we lost 3 to other teams and one guy had a premature baby, so we are pretty low on people. There would be about 4 of us actually dealing with 100+ servers and many more that need to be installed / built / etc….
Well today we found out that our leader is switching to another dept without anyone to replace him. Talk about kicking us while we are down. When it was mentioned at the meeting nobody even knew what to say we just sat there silent. I have been pulling extra hours like crazy and so have others. I am just a contracted employee from the Legislature. So really the team is worse off personnel wise. It really sux.

Our little team feels kinda like the bike in the pic. yeah with a little fixing up and love it could be useful, but instead it was just tossed in its broken state on the fricking curb.

I am fine though, just a little bummed.

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