Police dog tracks suspected candy thief

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Police dog tracks suspected candy thief

A woman suspected of stealing candy bars from a convenience store led a police dog to an apartment near the store.

Around 2:30 a.m., a woman came into the Kwik Shop at 33rd and Holdrege streets and asked to use the phone, said Officer Katie Flood. The clerk gave the woman 35 cents to use the pay phone outside.

The woman came back inside a few minutes later, yelling and punching the clerk in the chest before throwing three candy bars at her and leaving, Flood said.

The woman then returned again, pushing the clerk into the front door and causing her to hit her back on the handle, Flood said. The suspect left the store with 13 candy bars.

A police dog led officers to an apartment building at 1400 North 33rd Street, where police found a frozen pizza in the parking lot, Flood said. The dog then led police to apartment 2, where they heard voices inside.

Police allegedly found Erica Vance, 18, a transient, inside with 13 candy bars in her coat pocket, Flood said.

Vance was arrested and jailed on suspicion of shoplifting, assault and minor in possession of alcohol, Flood said.

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