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Police arrest 10 in sex sting at Wilderness Park


hat tip to Mr. Wilson of Lincolnite

LJS article

Hmmmm….. My happy place is wilderness park. I spend lots of time in there. I call it my church, which is kind of ironic given the above story.

Thing is I am riding my bike in there. I wanna hook up in the tight corners (my tires), I hope to grab (the dirt) some tight single track, I don’t wanna go down, but sometimes it happens. My goal is to have my behind wore out when I leave.

Thing is I have not once come upon any guys there doing inappropriate acts. Butt (he he), I see them in the parking lot all the time. Specially by the fitness loop and north hiking trail parking lots. Backing your vehicle into the parking spot is the “foot tap” signal.

Only time I have noticed anything strange going on was 12 years or so ago I came upon a guy in his tighty whities on a very narrow bridge. I had to get off and reach around him just to get by (seriously these puns are horrible I know). he wanted to talk to me and I just wanted to get away from him.

Thing is wilderness is filled with plants you do not want to get near. I am almost immune to nettles on my legs cuz they get it so bad when the trail is overgrown. Also the woodland creatures, ticks, and misquotes are horrible during times of the year. I could not imagine wanting to actually “perform” out there.

Last year I got pert near 2,000 miles out there in 20 mile increments, this year about 500 so far. And mostly I am deep in the park and only see other bikers on the bike side. You see the backed in vehicles on the way in, yet I never see questionable folks on the trails.

Still it is a bummer that it is happening out there. Bike officer Martai rides out there a bunch. I have chatted with him a few times.

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