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Platte river state park kicked my behind


We headed up there at the crack of dawn Sunday morning and hit the trails. They were damp, but since there is not a single flat part of the trail it had no mud pools. Just really damp dirt from the morning dew. I have ridden out there twice before and kinda forgot how brutal it is. We hit 4 of the trails I think and I did not bring enough water, or a change of clothes. Kit and I got a bit lost towards the end and were tore up and not feeling too confident in our balance from being so wore out. We finally made it out and headed to the breakfast (see I spelled it correctly Major Tom) buffet for some bacon.

Was it worth it? Well nothing like being in the lowest gear trying to climb a huge mud slicked rut and then having to slide with your brakes into a ravine fill of trees and rocks for 2 hours and only getting in 5 miles. Yeah it was worth it. Not just for the all you can eat bacon, but for having done it. I think we will head out that way next Sunday too.


I love that pic because it shows the difficult and very difficult signs. That is a jump down more feet than I would jump.

You can see how drained Kit is in this pic. I slept like a fricking baby when we got home.


We climbed the tower after breftest and enjoyed some actual breeze. Looked around and saw a storm off to the north. A huge thunder made us scurry down quick like.



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