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Ugh such a long week already. With the huge issue monday and me surviving on vending machine food, tues we ended up at McDonalds cuz it was running late, last night I had stuff to do and picked up a pep pizza from Little Ceasars just to get some grub.

It is pretty crazy, a large one topping for $5.31 after tax. Grabbed it from the 27th and K street location. My friend said it was not too bad, so I have been wanting to try it for a while. They have pizza ready to go, it took me less than a minute to buy it and headed home.

Sometimes you just want a simple pizza, that is what it was. Pretty thin crust, lightly sauced, about 3 pepperonis on each slice, and a good amount of cheese. Hit the spot. I ate 1/2 of it and was not stuffed. Will finish it off at lunch. I would get it again, but not crave it.

Really looking forward to a home cooked meal tonight. We gonna make faux hot roast beef sammiches.

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