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pig candy and cookies N cream

pig candy

I have read about this and needed to give it a try. Made some last night (thats where the pics come from) using some thick peppered bacon. I did not follow the directions close enough and it was meh…. It was good but the bacon was not done enough.

So this morning T’s dad got me some bacon from the farmers market and I decided to try again. I followed the recipe much better, I actually flipped the bacon and added more coating. After it cooled it was pure heaven. The cayenne pepper added a bite, I also added some black pepper. It truly tastes like bacon candy and is delicious. I cut the first batch into bite size pieces and am working on the second batch right now. Gonna bring it over to my brothers party tonight for some others to experience.

pig candy recipe

Used the kitchenaid recipe for vanilla and their suggestion to add cookies to make cookies and cream. It was a full batch, it was near flowing out of the bowl by the time some air got mixed in and I was adding the oreo doublestuffed pieces. It was flinging ice cream coated cookie bits out of the bowl so I turned it off and mixed them in by hand. It tastes so awesome. This is the first time I have used eggs in the mix. Sooooooo good.

Last week sucked big time. I slept till noon today and it was awesome. Gotta roll into work for a few minutes to do something. Other than that I will be enjoying my weekend very much.

See ya Monday at Duggan’s for a meet and greet.

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