Pies & Pints is open in the Haymarket


Stopped by after running some errands. A friend told me that they saw a Simpsons pinball machine being moved down in there. It is the location where Suite 1 used to be located in the lower half of 8th and Q street below Maggies wraps. I visited a few minutes after their lunch special and grabbed a couple slices and a beer. I went for pepperoni and hamburger. The lunch slices were a bit older from being in the warming case, but they were still pretty decent. The sauce is very flavorful and reminded me of the fiastadas I got at school lunch. Topping were decent as well. I guess they offer a few crusts and have some insane toppings. I wish them the best of luck.

They really lit the place up with a bunch of TVs and new paint. The Simpson’s pinball was in great shape from VVS. They also had a skee ball machines where you can earn points to get beer and pizza.







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