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picked up a Mohu Leaf antenna

(I eventually moved it to the right ot the window)

I picked up a Mohu Leaf Ultimate Indoor HDTV Antenna to see what channels we can get over the air as we continue to get closer to cutting the cord. It is pretty interesting to see what you can get for free.

The Mohu Leaf is a bit over 12 inches square and connects with a coaxial cable and a USB cable for the power. There is a short lead wire that goes to a small box with the USB connection. Most TVs these days have USB and it provides the power for the antenna. It comes with an adapter if you want to plug it into the wall. It came with a 16 foot very thin coaxial cable, but I ended up grabbing a 50 foot cable.

According to the TV Fool website said I would get a bunch of channels. After my final placement of the antenna I was picking up 27 channels. I tried a few locations in the main floor of the house to see where the best location would be. It seems many things can weaken the antenna like electrical wires and windows. The best signal inside was in the north room. I picked up both the NET channels there and decided it was time to get it up in the attic. It had been a decade since I climbed up there. Got the antenna set up high on the north wall and it is working great.

We get multiples of all the main networks. Me-TV, LWN, World Channel, Create, This TV, CW, a couple Spanish language and religious channels. I have heard that some OTA HD channels are in better quality than you can get from cable or dish. I could not really tell a difference, but some came in really crisp and looked great.


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