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pew pew pew Fuggles is 83.7 degrees


Theresa got me a cool little toy / tool. A Rosewill REGD-TN439L0 Infrared Thermometer. Theresa got it for me as a surprise and shot me with it right when I came in the door. I then spent my lunch hour running around the house testing things.

Toilet water 63 before flush 58 after flush
Bathroom floor 65
bathroom door 72
Miller highlife in fridge 35
yoo-hoo freezy pop 5
pretty much everything in the freezer 4.5
grill bricks above burner 350-500
top of grill lid 160
my cooked cheddar brat 141 after a few minute rest
Poured some warm tap water into a glass and used my insta read therm 72 with gun on surface 68.9
PC exhaust fan 99
internal video card 145
Corn in the deep freeze – 35

Seems it can vary by 2.5 degrees and for $20 it is not as accurate as spendy ones, but works really good and fast. I want to see how I can use it in the kitchen, but it only does external, but it has a LASER 🙂

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