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petmate Le Bistro water bowl

Our mini toilet bowl for the pets got smashed by me Sat and we needed a replacement. Sure it was fun to watch the dogs and cat drink from a mini toilet, but the thing was messy and only held a two liter worth of water. I broke it so I had to get a new one. We hit Petco and they had very little selection of water deliverfication units. The big 2.75 gallon size made me swoon, but the price shocked us. After investigating further we realized it was placed above another products label and cheaper. Still $28 was a bit steep, but I needed a solution and bought it anyways.

It is much cooler (get it, it looks like a water cooler, oh nevermind) than I thought it was gonna be. The jug has a skinny neck to make placing it in the receptacle easy since not much water splashes out. The little hole that gets the water to the drinky place is tiny and I thought it might have some extra smagma from the plastic part making plant, but later noticed it slowly lets the drinky part fill up so it does not scare the animals or make a mess. 2.75 gallons is a bit heavy, but manageable. It has lasted for 3 days now and is still about 1/4 full. Very functional and well made. We and the pets really like it. Some reviews on amazon say the glug glug scared their pets, just FYI.

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