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Peter Sagal The Book of Vice: Very Naughty Things (and How to Do Them)

I not read much book wise. And all my reading is done on the plop plop machine. It takes months for me to finish a book. I sit down to tinkle often so I can get a few more paragraphs in though. My elongated bowl to me is like a barcolounger to others. I think I got this book for CHRISTmas and it made the rounds of the in laws before I read it. They like speed readers or something. Wait wait don’t tell me is always a good show and I currently am subscribed to the podcast. Peter is the host of wait wait and this book seemed like it would be fun.

It was a pretty good read. When he is doing the chapter on swingers he is at a swinger party and observing some copulation and makes a snide remark: “take that click and clack”. The longest chapter is the last one on the porn industry and it is really good. Check it out if you are interested or heck you can borrow it from me if you want. I always put the book on the shelf before I wipe, so it is clean 😉

I am now reading a book by Ira Glass the this American life guy. Should be done by Thanksgiving.

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