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PC pinball has come a long way


I have been messing around with visual pinball and future pinball for about a year now. Some of the recreations and originals are so perfect that I swear they just took pictures. Most use the actual ROMs from the pinball machines so everything works exactly like the real ones. In the pic above I am using future pinball to play three angels in linux. Three angels is such an amazing game. My screen is rotated 90 degrees and in windows I can use the 2nd monitor as the backglass. it is awesome.

My buddy who is into arcade stuff was asking me about emulated pinball and I gave him some links. The best place to get tables is from VPforums, but you need to be a member and it costs $10 a year. And installing the programs, downloading tables, installing them, and getting them to play nice is a huge pain in the rear. He found a site that sells all the ROMs cheap and we went in on it. Over 800 tables. i went in and messed with some last night. Holy cow.

Theresa is getting a bit tired of me trying to buy pinball machines off of Cl and I do not have much more room. So I am ready to start building my hyperpin out of the empty Star Trek cabinet I got earlier. It is going to take a while though. I need to buy a 42 inch LCD, a powerful PC with great graphics, glass, legs, the electronic bits that sense motion and launch the ball. It is going to be an insane project, but when I am done I will have one machine that can play all of my favorite games.

If you are interested in playing some of these on your own PC contact me and I can help you out. It is not that hard, but I had a heck of a time when starting out and can help you avoid that.

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