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Pat’s BBQ / neros pizza rules


I have heard great things about Pat’s BBQ, I had to check it out. I am still shocked that I have not posted about the Lincoln staple of Nero’s pizza. I will do soon, but this is all about the awesome BBQ Pat’s makes.

I am about 45 minutes after enjoying the meal and am afraid to take a drink for the flavor would be gone from my mouth. At least I still have the burps 😉 Pat’s has killer BBQ and is something I crave still now after eating it. I polished off my 1/3 rack of ribs, brisket, and beans with a full smile, which made it hard to keep eating. Here is what makes them so awesome, smoky and spicy. I have a pic below of the meal, but my iphone with lame lighting simply does not do it justice. Seems these are dry rubbed and smoked to a perfect ring with a dark shell. The brisket had the perfect smoke flavor and was tender. A thicker slice I got had some resistance, but it was easy eating. The ribs were not exactly falling off the bone, but were so flavorful and had a kick. The beans seemed average on first taste, but the following flavor blast filled with a peppery kick satisfied.

I am not one who uses sauces often on BBQ. When I smoke at home I never sauce it, I rely on my rub to do the work. The rub on these meats was great, but the sauce kicked it up such a level it it amazed. The sauce, like the beans did not impress at first, but the follow through simply rocked. After I tried the sauce the rest was dunked and the sauce leavings are in the fridge for future use.

If you have a hankering for some severely flavorful and darn decent BBQ I suggest you check them out. I will be back for sure.

they have just gotten their liquor license and have a nice dining area as well as delivery.


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