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Partay at BorK haus Oct 10th


Have I mentioned it yet? Yup kegger at my place Oct 10th starting at 3 Pm and going till wheneva. I need some halp moving my pinball machines and keg fridge into the basement. If you want to halp it would only be a few minutes of suck. And then party after.
Srry, cuz it seems lame, but it should be such a minimal part of the day.

I got the man cave sorta kicking already. We still waiting on some bulbs to revive some beer signs, but got a good start.
Bristle board dartboard up with 3 chalkboard painted areas. Will paint up the cricket area before the party.
Glad to have lights up already.

We gonna supply some chili with M&P cin rolls. Prob some Daniels corn. 16 gallon keg on tap in basement off man cave (prob high life) Grill ready for anything folks want. We got plates, napkins, bowls, plastic ware. Lots of area for folks to bring something if they want.

If you do not know where I live comment / email me. — > domain name with an @ gmail is how. I will send out facebook invite.
Just not ready to post my email or address on the internets yet 😉



B, you need to be there. Folks clamoring about it 🙂

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