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Killer bike ride last night. The One Eyed Dog Saloon in Eagle hosts a bike night tues eves which is known as the nacho ride because they have cheap nachos and tacos. By the time we rolled into Eagle there were bunches of bikers there. Enjoyed our time there and rolled home on the mopac and was getting pretty dark, but we had lights. Fun times and will do that again for sure.

Got home and was excited to get in the shower and wanted to drain my head light on the fan at the back door because it needs air flowing or it will melt cuz it gets so hot. There are 4 steps down to my back door and my shoe caught the edge of the door at the top and I was headed for a face plant. I chose to try and jump down to the landing and it did not work like I planned. The pic above is about 5 minutes after it happened when I was blessed by Theresa getting up to assist me get a ice wrap on there.

It is not as bad as the last time I sprained the left ankle, but so far today I have made it from the bed to the computer (20 feet) and I am not looking forward to any more moving. In the pic you can see my gimpy pinky. As a kid my pinky and the toe next to it were curled under my other toes and they operated to fix them. The pinky lies completely sideways now. Cool eh?

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