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our first aerogarden strawberry was a delicious and microscopic treat


So they say pick the berries 2 days after they go red. This was the first one to go ripe and it was tiny. The plant it came from is pretty much dead, but gave it all for that one berry. We sliced off the top and an uber dark red center glistened at us. We split in two halves and toothpicked it up with a clink cheers. The flavor was uber intense and absolutely delicious. I kept reading that fresh picked are completely different than store bought, but now I know. We will eat a couple tomorrow as well.



We did this as just a for the heck of it. We have some 20 or so strawberry plants kicking it behind the garage and will get our first harvest here in a few days. Only two of the 7 plants we put in the aerogarden are thriving. The rest are pretty much dead. I think we waited a bit too long to get them in the aerogarden. If we would of gotten them in there once they awoke in the spring I am sure it would of worked out better. The plants right now are just too big to transfer to hydroponics.


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