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Sunday night I was being dumb and did not wear one of my kevlar gloves while using a mandoline slicer. I have been badly cut with it before and swore I would never do that again, but I had a moment of weakness and it got me good. I put a bandaid on it tight and was in so much pain this morning when I tried to put a new one on. It was still bleeding a bunch and over lunch when I changed the bandage again I decided it was time to visit medical.

Urgent care of Lincoln was my choice and they got me in right away. The nurse wanted to help with removing my bandage, but I got it off. I told her to plug her ears. Then she wanted to scrub it. I deal with pain by laughing. I was laughing so hard and stomping my feet because of the pain. Doc came in and messed with it a bit and decided that is was such a deep slice that cauterizing it was the best option. He also said I reminded him of chuckles the clown 😉 When he shot my finger with the numbing stuff he said “I am not going to lie, this is going to hurt a lot” Oh man did it. Seconds later he was cauterizing it and would not let me watch. Stopped the bleeding, but he burned it black and said it will now hurt more because it is a cut and a burn. Put me on antibiotics because it had been over 12 hours since the cut. Had to get a tetanus shot as well and they did not have a sticker for my arm 🙁

UPDATE: Pics below

This was in the waiting room. Bandaid had only been on for an hour and was soaked. It kinda crusted up and held it in a bloody capsule.


Will redress tonight and get god pics. It is not that bad, but it took off a huge chunk and went deep on the corner. The cauterized part is maybe 1/3 of an inch round at max.

Re wrapped the bandage. It was not a huge cut, but sliced such a chunk. It would not stop bleeding so I went in for it. A few more days of bandaids would of prob been fine. But at least I am on the antibiotics so it does not get infected. A $20 copay sure is nice 🙂


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