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ORGANIC Batter Blaster: cancakes


ORGANIC batter Blaster is the new craze sweeping the nation and I got caught in the wave. We actually headed out to the deep south Super Target and battled through crowds of uber tanned, designer coffee drinking, botoxed, highlighted, and manicured Jersey shore women in tapout shirts to grab a can of this located next to the eggs.

Nothing screams ORGANIC more than being dispensed from a pressurized can. I was expecting for the batter to come out fluffy and almost like whipped cream, but it was pretty batter like and spread out evenly on the cooking surface. I am not too skilled on actually cooking pancakes and had a few not turn out all that well, but eventually got the temp right and they turned out pretty decent. the edges got a little crunchy which seemed strange, but I am guessing there is a good amount of sugar in the mix. For ease of use this product is awesome, and that is the reason i would buy it again. Squirt and then run the tip under water to rinse. no measuring, mixing, and then having to clean up bowls and the other assorted hassles.

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