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one less cat running around the neighborhood

OMG how did one get in the house?

Doing some yard work and enjoying some brews when I saw some kitties. This little bugger had no fear of me and really wanted some attention. Theresa came out and petted it while offering some milk. Little bugger jumped into my arms and I melted. We grabbed the kennel, put it in my room, and slowly introduced the dogs one at a time to her. Fuggles did not know what to think, Maggie was cool with it. We went to the store to get cat stuff and the fun began.

Such a cuddly little cat she is. Her temp name is Kittythunkle. Theresa is gonna come up with a name today. Fuggles is kinda scared of her, and the cat loves thwacking Fuggles on the nose. We kept putting Kitty into her litter box and an hour or so later she used it. That was an easy housebreaking. Kitty slept in my room and curled up next to me and purred the night away till about 6 AM. Then it was pounce on Steve’s feet and jump around everywhere time. She gonna kick it in our bedrooms today since we are not sure all three animals can play nice when we are gone.

I can’t believe I have a cat now.


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