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once again the Outback impressed us.

When it comes to chain restaurants I have so little respect for 99% of them. The outback is a place that I actually am proud to eat at. The friendly staff, awesome food, I have never had an average meal there, it is always above average. The place just rocks. I ask every time why there is not one down south, to keep all those dam southsiders away from my outback. Answer is always “I have no clue why they don’t”

So we headed to the once a year trip to the mall during christmas, stopped by for a beer and aussie cheese fries. We got seated and waited, and waited. prob 12-15 minutes and no server. i went up to the host stand, pointed to the seating chart marking where we were and said “we will just sit at the bar”. Michael (a female, does the spelling seem strange to you?)was working the bar, so we knew we were in good hands.
About three minutes later the server who was supposed to wait on us came over and apologized.

Now I do not know if it is standard policy, for they do have a specific in your face / best buddy way of doing things. but, it was darn decent for her to come up to us and say “sorry”. We are very accustomed to exactly what had happened since we both have done table service in the past, sections had changed. A typical customer would of used the “yes that was rude, you suck” response. We splained it was no biggie. Michael got a 45% tip.

Still I walked away impressed and satisfied, and we will be back again.

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