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once a fortnight they get along

We kinda hosed Maggie. We got Fuggles 3 days after Cloe died. Maggie was still grieving as we were and she had to deal with this little bitch. Maggie was about a year old when we got Cloe and Maggie’s mother instinct kicked in. Sure about 8 years into their life together the dominance battles started up, but they were the best of friends. With Fuggles it has not been the case. Maggie is old and should not have to deal with Fuggles crap.

Fuggles is young and almost as big as Maggie. We have had to separate them a bunch of times. We want Maggie to be the dominant one, but it is not our choice. Fuggles spends most of her free time annoying Maggie and us. Puppies are a bunch of work. Well the couch is kinda a king of the mountain kind of thing. Theresa and I love to get doggie cuddles as much as we can. Very rarely do they both play nice on the couch. Last night was one of them instances. They were both sleeping next to another and T did a psst and motioned for the camera and pointed to them. We got this rare picture.

Well apparently it happens a couple times a fortnight. 1 2 3 4 5 6

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