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on Sunday you might want to check in on your whovian friends. Saturday night is going to be rough for them


The Earth is losing two of its mightiest heroes. After two-and-a-half years of adventures that have made them the longest-serving companions of the new Doctor Who era, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill will leave the show in Saturday’s episode, The Angels Take Manhattan. And their exit promises to be like no other.

Companions usually just go back to their normal lives – but Amy and Rory have already done that. During the last series, in The God Complex, The Doctor decided that his life was too dangerous and he’d put them through enough. He deposited them in suburbia, and has been dropping by at intervals ever since. It’s been 10 years since Amy ran off on the night before her wedding, and in the years that have passed since that business with the Minotaur, the arrangement has been going rather swimmingly.

So for that all to end now, something major must be about to happen. Gillan has already said that there will no Rose Tyler-style cameo returns, and that the pair’s exit has a finality to it. We know that the Weeping Angels are waiting for them in New York. But how will the Ponds depart Doctor Who?


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